Best Tricks to Increase Your Android Mobile Battery Life


Battery Usage

There are many reasons behind a smartphone’s battery draining so fast. There is one reason that is most important among them, and one that many of us cannot even guess at. That’s it – Gulping Apps. That is, apps that suck up your mobile phone’s battery without you even knowing it.

Another sad fact related to low battery is that 5G smartphones are more affected than 4G smartphones! That means none of the low battery issues you face now (via 4G phones). Even experts have accepted that the battery of smartphones running under 5G network will drain “relatively” faster.

Tips to Extend Android Battery Life

Here are some simple tips that will help you increase the battery life of your smartphone. Even doing some of them is enough. You will see a good improvement in the battery life of your smartphone.

  1. Turn off notifications on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Tinder – whatever you don’t need! It’s a small thing but makes a big difference in battery life!
  2. Manually control background data usage of social media apps by disabling unnecessary notifications. By doing this, once you exit a particular social media app, it will either freeze or shut down completely. So they cannot degrade your smartphone’s battery! Background data usage control is available on both Android and iOS.
  3. Another option is to turn off mobile data or Wi-Fi when not needed. Are you unable to use your smartphone in many places like while sleeping, while taking a bath, while driving on the road, while in an important meeting, while watching a movie in the theater? Turn off mobile data or Wi-Fi during such times; It will definitely increase the battery life of your smartphone!


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