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Apoorva Wiki

The South Indian film industry is well-known for both its B-grade masala films and its A-grade big-budget movies with large audiences. Indian actress Apoorva is well known for her fiery B-grade movies. She was born in Hyderabad in 1974. She is neither well educated nor did she enter the industry at a young age, like the bulk of B-grade actresses.


Actress Apoorva Career

Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada are among the languages Apoorva speaks fluently. In 2001, the Telugu movie “Maa Avida Mida Ottu Mee Avida Chala Manchidi” gave her her screen debut. It was a mediocre movie, but many filmmakers were impressed by her attractiveness and acting skills. She starred in the Telugu comedy “Allari” in her second film, which performed mediocre business at the box office despite not being a big commercial success.


A Grade Actress

She took a sabbatical when “Allari” was released. In the Kanaada film “Jackie” from 2010, she was once again visible. She has thus far contributed to more than 15 films. We cannot evaluate her films only on their box office performance. She has a sizable fan base and is one of Telugu cinema’s most well-known actresses. This year, her two films are expected to be released. She claimed to be waiting for her big opportunity.


Apoorva Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Entry

Apoorva is one of the contestants of Bigg Boss Season 7 Telugu.

Apoorva Photos

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