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Vichithra 2001 Movie

Asked to share an earthquake in her life in yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss, actress Vichitra shocked everyone by sharing the bittersweet things that happened in her film career. After Cooku With Comali, Vichithra, who has acted in more than 100 films, became very popular with Comali Show and now she has entered the Bigg Boss house. Actress Vichitra has been the main contestant in Bigg Boss season 7. 400240129 867554295004963 5136161072917748883 n 1080

Actress Vichitra Casting Couch Experience

After Vijay TV’s Cooku with Comali, she is currently receiving good response in Bigg Boss. Yesterday in the 51st episode of the Bigg Boss house, the contestants were tasked to tell about the incident that caused an earthquake in their lives. 

Vichithra 2001 Movie

Vichithra Casting Couch

Speaking then, Vichitra said that when she was acting in a film, the hero of the film looked at her without even asking her name and said, ‘You are acting in this film. He has called only saying ‘come to the room’. 356260770 255626577090607 4564921011847319492 n 1080

“That night I went to my room and fell asleep. Since then they gave various problems. In the evening, they would knock on the room after getting drunk. I was worried about how to deal with it all. It was the person who was the hotel manager at that time who helped to change the room. “That manager is now my husband,” says Vichitra. 

Vichithra 2001 Movie

Actress Vichitra is from South India and is well known for her work in Tamil movies. She also had cameo and guest appearances in a number of Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada motion pictures.
Her breakthrough performance came in 1992 when she played the seductive and endearing character of “Madippu” Hamsa in Selva’s Thalaivasal film. She appeared in a few highly regarded movies, including Suyamvaram (1999), Muthu (1995), and Rasigan (1994), in cameos and supporting roles. She briefly experimented with television, starring in the serial drama Maami Chinna Maami. 398670524 317005181087596 3590653248541005952 n 1080

The actress Vichitra was raised in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, however her parents are said to have Mysorean ancestry. As she was getting married to Shaji, she moved to Pune, where she retired from performing and started working as a consultant for Jaya and Sons. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Her siblings are two sisters and a brother. Her parents were Mary Vasantha and the late actor Williams, who was tragically robbed and killed in an incident that happened in September 2011. Three sons were born into Vichitra family following her union with Shaj 398663134 738022154815215 6404398117544346795 n 1080 398606812 896887371994735 6581177414335873987 n 1080 359696665 170340789383764 6428465735020114187 n 1080 359779453 1707651009750764 2747567194603033837 n 1080 360543673 240269878857470 3556328900924473626 n 1080 352757250 214879711423653 5635906614975054112 n 1080


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