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Aishwarya Dutta

Aishwarya Dutta made her screen debut by appearing in a few music albums and a few scenes. Acting as a heroine in Tamil, she became famous by participating as a contestant in the popular television series Bigg Boss.

Aishwarya Dutta Biography

Aishwarya Dutta has participated as a contestant in a dance show and has danced on several stages. Following this, he has participated in the modeling industry and has worked as a playback singer in some Sony Music albums. She made his debut on the Hindi screen by working as a playback singer in a Sony music album and acting in a video.

Her first silver screen experience was in 2014 with the Hindi film Salo Picnic Manaiin. Aishwarya Dutta made her debut in the 2014 Tamil film Tamizuku En Edei Phramanu opposite the hero Nakul. Later, she acted in several Tamil films like Payum Puli, Aaradu Chinam and became famous as a prominent actress on the Tamil screen.

In 2018, she participated as a contestant in the Bigg Boss program broadcast on Vijay TV and won the second place. She became famous on the Tamil screen through that show.

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