Vijayakanth Police Movies | Best Police Movies by Actor Vijayakanth

Vijayakanth police movies

Captain Vijayakanth

Many legendary performers have graced Tamil cinema’s screens over the years, but few have left as permanent an imprint as Vijayakanth. Vijayakanth’s career has been a rollercoaster of success, and he is notably recognized for his representations of police officers in various films. He is fondly called as “Captain” by his admirers. In this essay, we’ll look at Vijayakanth’s journey through the realm of police movies and how he became an iconic figure in Tamil film.

Vijayakanth police movies

Vijayakanth Police Movies

Vijayakanth, who was born on August 25, 1952, in the temple town of Madurai, had a difficult road to popularity. He debuted in the film industry in the late 1970s and gradually acquired acclaim for his versatility as an actor. However, it wasn’t until the late 1980s and early 1990s that he discovered his real calling as the archetypal Tamil cop.

Vijayakanth police movies

The metamorphosis of “Captain” Vijayakanth into a police hero coincided with the advent of mass action films in Tamil cinema. These films usually featured larger-than-life protagonists fighting injustice and corruption. With his dominating screen presence and charismatic persona, Vijayakanth was ideal for such roles.

The Iconic Police Officer Roles


Pulanvisaranai: Vijayakanth’s first major triumph as a police officer came with the film “Pulanvisaranai” in 1984. His portrayal of a sincere and fearless cop grabbed the audience’s hearts and created the groundwork for his subsequent performances in the genre.

Vijayakanth police movies


In 1990, Vijayakanth starred as the titular character in “Chatriyan,” a film about a tough, no-nonsense police inspector. Fans will never forget his stunning performance and unforgettable dialogue from the film.

Sethupathi IPS

Vijayakanth’s portrayal as a bold and incorruptible cop was praised in “Sethupathi IPS” (1994). The film was a huge success, and it cemented his on-screen image as a cop.

Vijayakanth police movies


One of Vijayakanth’s most iconic films, “Ramana” (2002), directed by A.R. Murugadoss, was a watershed moment in the actor’s career. The crowd identified with his role, an ex-military officer turned teacher who takes on crooked politicians. “Ramana” was a huge hit, and its influence on Tamil cinema can still be seen today.

Vijayakanth police movies


Vijayakanth wore the khaki uniform until the end of his career, according to Arasangam. Another example of his enduring appeal as a police officer was “Arasangam” (2008). His portrayal as an honest cop fighting terrorists was favorably welcomed.

Vijayakanth police movies

Legacy & Impact

Vijayakanth has made a significant contribution to Tamil cinema, particularly in the police drama genre. He was more than just a movie hero; he was a symbol of justice, bravery, and morality. Many others were inspired by his characters, and his delivery of language became legendary.

These films not only entertained, but also conveyed powerful messages about corruption and social injustice. Vijayakanth’s on-screen presence as a police officer instilled in innumerable people a sense of heroism and justice.

Vijayakanth police movies

“Captain” Vijayakanth’s police films remain a watershed moment in Tamil cinema history. His representations of fearless and principled police officers enthralled spectators while also instilling a feeling of moral justice. These films are still adored by his admirers, and his legacy as a genre legend goes on.

Vijayakanth’s contribution to Tamil film as the brave and unyielding cop will be regarded as an important component of the industry’s rich tapestry of heroes and stories.

Vijayakanth police movies

Captain’s Current Status

In a worrying development, famed actor-turned-politician Vijayakanth, who has been mainly absent from the political scene due to health issues, has suffered a health setback. According to sources, his oldest son, Vijayaprabakaran, made the surprising information public. The family is doing everything they can to help Vijayakanth recover from this setback.

Vijayakanth, 70, has been battling serious health issues for some time, which has caused him to retreat from public life. The renowned artist, known for his film legacy and intense political participation, now only appears on special occasions. While he is having treatment, his wife Premalatha has taken charge of reviving the DMDK’s fading political power in the state.

As party members and followers send their best wishes for Vijayakanth’s quick and complete recovery, his son has revealed the terrible turn of events. On Monday, August 21, Vijayakanth’s sons, Vijayaprabakaran and Shanmuga Pandian, paid their respects at the Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple in Madurai.

Following the prayers, Vijayaprabakaran spoke to the media, revealing his father’s recent health setback. “Captain Vijayakanth is currently suffering from a health setback,” he stated. Nonetheless, we are confident that he will not only conquer this difficulty, but will emerge stronger as a result of it. We are completely committed to his rehabilitation, just as you are.”

Despite this setback in his health, Vijayaprabakaran assured the public that Vijayakanth’s general condition is stable, emphasizing that there are no major concerns for immediate concern. It’s worth noting that Vijayakanth’s right toe was severed in June 2022 at a private hospital in Chennai due to diabetes issues. He was undergoing surgery at the same time. “Due to Captain Vijayakanth’s longstanding struggle with diabetes, elevated glucose levels impeded blood circulation in his right toe,” the party explained after his hospitalization. The toe had to be severed due to medical advice.”

Captain’s Wife about Vijayakanth

“I spoke at the press meet about this. The first question I asked the media at Captain’s birthday celebrations was why are they projecting it in a wrongful manner. They asked me in return why I was laying the wrong focus on them since they only reported my son’s statements. Yes, my son said that there is a setback in Captain’s health, but why wasn’t the next statement mentioned? He said that his health took a setback, but he’s now feeling super. Why wasn’t that highlighted? By using the word ‘setback’, it became viral on television, print, and on YouTube.”

“We know how Captain is since we’re with him all the time. We don’t have any fear. But, you witnessed yourself how fans and cadres from various places came to see him. Who will give them the news? How much panic must have gotten into them? We have been receiving non-stop phone calls. Can we explain to each and every person about Captain’s health condition? And, that is why he himself issued a clarification that he’s healthy and will meet his cadres while requesting everyone to not believe in any rumors. But, no media or channels focused on that. If there’s a small minus, they’re grabbing onto that. And, that is why I asked the media that question. I understand the news has to go viral. Their job is done after that. But, as a family and a representative of a political party, how can we answer to a cadre at the back end? If that person ends up doing something to himself/herself, who will be answerable?”


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